Black Belt Grading Results September 2018

Saturday the 1st September saw our end of year Black Belt Grading held at our Livingston Gym, under the examination panel of Grand Master Tom MaCallum IX Degree, Mr. John McIlvaney VI Degree, Mrs. Gillian McIlvaney V Degree, Mr. John Munro IV Degree, Mr. Christopher Dickson IV Degree and Mrs. Kerris Dickson IV Degree.  Also special guest Mr. Andrew Chesworth VI Degree.  The exam was facilitated by Mr. Jason Munro III Degree.

The candidates were put through their paces over the course of the exam, lasting three hours.

The examination board and instructors would like to congratulate the following candidates on their successful promotions;

Mr. Dominic Burns – 1st Degree (Wishaw)

Mr. Declan McAvoy – 1st Degree (Wishaw)

Miss Jaimie Singleton – 1st Degree (Wishaw)

Mr. Kieran Cain – 2nd Degree (Wishaw)

Mr. Iain O’Hare – 3rd Degree (Braveheart)

Livingston Normal Timetable Resumes

As the school summer holidays near their end, and with our students getting ready to head back to school over the next few days, we look forward to also returning to our normal schedules.

From Monday 20th August, a reminder that we resume with the attached timetable.

If you are unsure as to which class you or your child should be attending please let us know and we can advise accordingly.

We look forward to seeing you at your next class.



Download:  Timetable Livingston 2018

Livingston Summer Timetable

During the summer holidays, we make some schedule changes to our timetable in Livingston.

Classes will be closed from 9th – 12th July, and thereafter run on a condensed timetable until the schools go back.

As always if you or your child are unable to make your normal nights class, you are able to ‘catch up’ on one of our other training nights, making it easy during the holiday period if you have days out or events planned etc.

Remember during the hotter weather its especially important to keep hydrated for training, always bring plenty of water to your classes.

Summer Timetable 2018 – Livingston

Fair Monday Holiday – Wishaw

This Monday 16th July, the VANL centre is closed for Fair Monday holiday, therefore classes in Wishaw will be off for the evening.  Those wishing to train, can do so in our Livingston gym instead.

Livingston Classes (Monday):  6pm – 7pm Little Ninjas & Kickin Kids, 7pm – 8pm Taekwon-Do

Sponsored Climb of Tinto Hill – 9th June

One of our young students, 11 year old Roxanne Graham, recently passed away after a battle with a rare Synovial Sarcoma cancer.  Roxanne was an inspirational student who showed grit and determination throughout her battle will this rare disease.
We hope to inspire our students, as much as Roxanne inspired us all, by completing the sponsored climb in her memory, showing everyone can be AS TOUGH AS ROXX, with their determination to complete the climb.

When:  Saturday 9th June 2018

Where:  Tinto Hill, Thankerton, ML12 6PD

Time:  10am (to be confirmed)

Tinto Hill is the graceful cone shaped hill on Lanarkshire’s southern horizon. At 707 metres it is the highest point in central Scotland and the perfect introduction to hill walking.
The best reason for climbing Tinto hill is the excellent view. On the clearest days the view takes in the Lake District, the mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland, Ailsa Craig and Arran in the Firth of Clyde, the Arrochar Alps and as far north as Lochnagar in the Cairngorms.

We ask each student to personalise and carry take up a pebble / small rock to be placed at the top of the cairn, in her memory at the summit.

Sponsor forms are now available in our download page.

New Student Zone

We have now added a brand new “Student Zone” to our website.  This section includes downloadable forms you may require from time to time, including up coming competition forms.

We’ve also added Taekwon-Do theory pages for Little Ninja’s, Kickin’ Kids and our Taekwon-Do students.

We have sent out access details to all via email.

North East Challenge Cup 2018

The North East Challenge Cup (NECC) will take place on Saturday 16th June in Aberdeen.

Please find below quick details and full invite.

Dear Grandmasters, Masters and Instructors,

2018 – North East Challenge Cup

It is with great pleasure that you and your students are invited to the 2018 North East Challenge Cup on Saturday 16th June 2018 at the Aberdeen Sports Village, Linksfield Rd, Aberdeen AB24 5RU, 01224 438900.
Tournament will start at 09:00 with opening address and awarding of junior participation medals.

This competition is open to Taekwon-Do students only. There will be four individual and one team event contested, Patterns, Sparring Special Technique, Power Test and Pre-Arranged Free Sparring.

This championship is open to all student’s white belt and above and will be split into six age groups Pre-Junior Tot up to 7yrs & 8 -11yrs, Junior 12 -14 yrs; Teens 15-17; Senior 18-39yrs and Advanced Senior 40yrs and over.

The competition will be run as per ITF rules but with some small amendments to accommodate age and competitor level.

We will endeavour to separate competitors from the same school competing against each other in initial rounds, thus improving the experience of all students. Pre-Juniors (up to 11 years) and Juniors (12-14yrs) will be divided initially by age, then grade and height.

Teens 15-17 and all Seniors will be categorised initially by age, then grade and weight. It may be the case that we have to merge categories due to the number of competitors.

TheSportdataOnlineSystemwillallowallinstructorstoviewthecategoriesastheypopulate. Alistofcategories for the event has been enclosed as part of the Invitation.

Please ensure, for the safety of the sparring competitors, that weights are checked and personally verified by the responsible instructor before forwarding them for processing. Please note that by sending through your entry form your agreeing to the tournaments conditions.

Entry forms should be part of this invitation so if they are not present please let me know by email and I will forward them on. Please complete all entries by Wednesday 6th June

(Please check all details before sending to ensure that registration runs as smooth as possible). Any changes on the day for incorrect entries will incur a £5 amendment fee

We look forward to your entries and to another great tournament,

Yours in TKD and on behalf of NTA

Master Gordon Wallace VIII

Tournament Director

affiliated to the TKD-SL


2018 NECC Challenge – Individual Entry

Goodwill Gold

Our Taekwon-Do students took part in the Goodwill Championships on Saturday 19th May at Wishaw Sports Centre.

The day was split for different age groups, and grades, which meant that the day was quick for all the competitors.  This was a momentous day also, as it was the first time that there was a division for those students with assisted and special needs.  As a school we were very proud and privileged to be a part of this historic event with 6 of our students taking part.  On completion of this particular division, there was an ecstatic round of applause from everyone in the hall, and rightly so.  They were all absolutely fantastic!

We must thank our students who took up coaching for the day on completion of their respective divisions, and to Scott Crookston for coming through to support our ASN students, alongside Miss Fargnoli.  Thanks also to Mr Munro snr, and Miss Watson for umpiring all day too.

A final thank you to Mr Condie and his team for their invite, and another welcoming tournament.


Our results as follows:


Kieran Cain (Pattern), Kyle Lynch (Pattern), Jakub Krug (Pattern), Ethan Massey (Pattern), Donatella Fargnoli (Pattern), Nathan Farrell (Pattern & Sparring), Allan Farrell (Pattern & Sparring), Sophie Hunter (Pattern), Junaid Abbas (Pattern), Jay Jervis (Pattern), Jason Munro (Pattern & Power), Lauren Watson (Sparring),  Kieran Farrell (Sparring & Special Technique), Finn Cooper (Sparring), Ashton McCarthy (Sparring), Gemma Gordon (Sparring & Special Technique), Shaun Murphy (Sparring), Harris Harvie (Special Technique), Eve Cooper (Special Technique) and Jaimie Singleton (Power).

Jason Seath (Pattern), Thomas Reape (Pattern), Amy Corner (Pattern), Bradley McKenzie (Pattern), Mary Seath (Pattern) and Karen Smith (Pattern).


Kaity Weir (Pattern & Sparring), Harris Harvie (Pattern), Eve Cooper (Pattern), Finn Cooper (Pattern), Shaun Murphy (Pattern), Adam Weir (Sparring), Jaimie Singleton (Sparring & Special Technique), Kyle Lynch (Sparring), Junaid Abbas (Sparring), Jay Jervis (Sparring), Calum Mann (Sparring), Jakub Krug (Special Technique), Donatella Fargnoli (Special Technique), Nathan Farrell (Special Technique), Sophie Hunter (Special Technique) and Kieran Cain (Power).


Ellie Weir (Pattern), Kieran Farrell (Pattern), Cameron Sanders (Pattern & Special Technique), Jakub Krug (Sparring), Donatella Fargnoli (Sparring), Jason Munro (Sparring), Ethan Massey (Special Technique) and Pauline Penrice (Power).