Membership Cards New for 2013

New for 2013

GMAC are introducing Membership Cards for all students from February 2013.

These new cards will be used to primarily record attendance at all class sessions, and extra black belt sessions, gradings etc.  Each student will receive their own photographic ID membership card, along with a card holder, which will be individual you.  On arrival at class/training you will be able to scan your ID card, which will register you for the session (similar to a gym membership card).

During Gradings the membership cards will also record your grading records, history and achievements, as well as many other records that are used throughout your martial arts training i.e. competition history.

If you have not yet had your picture taken by your instructor, this will be done over the next few weeks, and the cards distributed to each member by Mid-February.
Watch this space for more information.