Grading Results

Our April grading’s were held over Friday 6th & Saturday 7th. We’d like to congratulate the following students on their promotions:


Promoted to Nifty Ninja:  Jamie Glass

Promoted to Speedy Ninja:  Daisy Howie, Alastair Howie and Nathan Daly

Promoted to Ace Ninja:  Jane Marshall, Carson Marshall and Conolyn Lynch

Promoted to Champion Ninja:  Harry Murray and Jayden Keay



Promoted to Cool Kicker:  Innes Hamilton, Alexis Shaw and Raif Brown

Promoted to Super Kicker:  William Graham

Promoted to Top Kicker:  Ryan Sneddon

Promoted to Ace Kicker:  Charlotte Daly

Promoted to Premier Kicker:  Isa Haq and Roshan Haq



Promoted to 9th Kup:  Jack Harkin

Promoted to 7th Kup:  Courtney Murphy, Tina Crookston and Allan Farrell

Promoted to 5th Kup:  Ellie Weir, Pauline Penrice, Shaun Murphy

Promoted to 4th Kup:  Charlie Harkin, Nathan Cowan, Junior Bett, Kaity Weir, Gary McAlister and Mhairi Crookston

Promoted to 3rd Kup:  Gray Nisbet, Sam Jones, Lennon McAvoy, Scott Crookston and Kyle Lynch

Promoted to 2nd Kup:  Stuart Coombes