European Team Members

Eight of our elite Taekwon-Do students were selected for the National Team to represent Scotland at this years AETF European Championships in Slovenia.

Our athletes set out yesterday morning, some with some changed travel plans after a strike with Germany airlines on Tuesday.  But after a 5 minute panic Monday afternoon, plans and flights were re-booked, and the competitors made their way to Slovenia.  Somearrived earlier in the afternoon, having a chance to train at the one of the most famous gyms in Europe; Sportni Centre Barada, training facility of Master Tomaz Barada, then on to relax, and take in a little of Maribor.  Those on the afternoon flight, arrived in Maribor late in to the evening, so after a quick check in, it was straight to bed before an early start this morning.

Wednesday’s already off to a great start with all our competitors from GMAC making weight successfully.  The rest of the Scotland squad who are present have also made weight, with a few team members still to arrive later in the afternoon due to further flight delays.

The competitors are now off to refuel, and then a light training session this afternoon.

The competition officially starts tomorrow, we will update our Facebook page and Instagram later this evening with time schedules.  You can follow the GMAC competitors directly on their instagram page here or via our Facebook page here.


Competing as part of ITF Scotland National Team are:

Jason Munro 3rd Degree – Individual 3rd Degree Male Pattern

Iain O’Hare 2nd Degree – Individual 2nd Degree Male Pattern & -70kg Sparring.

Megan Brown 2nd Degree – Individual 2nd Degree Female Pattern & -56kg Sparring.

Kieran Cain 1st Degree – Individual 1st Degree Male Pattern & -63kg Sparring.

Hayden McAvoy 1st Degree – Individual Junior Male 1st Degree Pattern & -50kg Sparring.

Jay Jervis 1st Degree – Individual Junior Male -68kg Sparring.

Lauren Watson 1st Degree – Individual Junior Female +65kg Sparring.

Lauren McKay 1st Degree – Individual Junior Female Power & Team Power.