North Lanarkshire Open Results 2023

GMAC co-hosted this North Lanarkshire Open 2023, with our sister club Integrity Martial Arts Scotland last weekend with 26 clubs attending, our school placed second in the medal table with 18 Gold, 13 Silver & 16 Bronze medals.

Again another impressive list of results for our team in the first competition after the short summer break. We now look forward to the preparations for the next Taekwon-Do competition at the end of September the Claymore Cup.



Izaak Bridge (Sparring), Robert-George Girdwood (Sparring & Spec Tech), Abhiram Rao (Pattern), Oliver Crooks (Pattern), Keira Thomson (Pattern), Jakub Krug (Pattern), Ella Park (Pattern & Sparring), Lorna Ferguson (Power & Spec Tech), Emilia Singleton (Sparring), Ren Smith (Sparring & Spec Tech), James Vickers (Sparring), Declan McAvoy (Sparring & Spec Tech) and Jaxson Burns (Spec Tech).


Freya Korycinska (Punches, Sparring & Spec Tech), Alfie Crooks (Pattern), Sarah McIlvaney (Pattern & Sparring), Ren Smith (Pattern), Oliver Crooks (Sparring), Keira Thomson (Sparring & Spec Tech), Jakub Krug (Sparring) and Ethan Massey (Spec Tech).


Robert-George Girdwood (Pattern), Romani-May Girdwood (Pattern), Izaak Bridge (Pattern), Jaxson Burns (Pattern), Tyler-Jay Russell (Pattern), James Vickers (Pattern), Jaxson Burns (Sparring), Alfie Crooks (Sparring), Freya Korycinska (Sparring), Abhiram Rao (Sparring), Tyler Russell (Sparring), Julia Krug (Sparring), Aaron Thomson (Sparring), Kyla O’Conner (Sparring), Poppy Thomson (Sparring), Sarah McIlvaney (Spec Tech) and Karen Smith (Pattern).