Sparring Seminar with Stephen Tapilatu V Degree – 17th May

859311_4999072887701_468848306_oSparring Seminar with Stephen Tapilatu V Degree.

Scotia Tkd and Taekwon-do-UK are proud to announce a Sparring Seminar with Mr Stephen Tapilatu V Deg. Mr Tapilatu, is possibly the greatest ever Taekwon-do sparring competitor.

Stephen ‘The Dragon’ Tapilatu is a Dutch legend in both ITF and WTF Taekwon-do. In the nineties he won three medals in the ITF world championships. Twice he reached the highest attainable in ITF; he became world champion in Canada in 1990 and in Malaysia in 1994. He is one of the very few Taekwon-do practitioners that has achieved major successes in both ITF as WTF competition. In the WTF 1991 World Championship in Athens, he won a silver medal.

Besides two world titles ITF, Stephen won 2 European titles as well (1990 Davos & 1992 Koszalin), two silver medals in the EC (1991 Reading & 1996 Terracina) and two bronze medals in the EC (1993 Groningen & 1997 Chre).

Mr Tapilatu won the prestiguous ‘King of Taekwon-do’ tournament in Tokyo two years in a row: 1995 and 1996.

After his Taekwon-do career, Mr Tapilatu switched tot the full-contact sports and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He fought matches against the famous Dutch Karate Champion Ronny Rivano, against Brian Lo An Joe and the former kickboxing world champion: Perry Ubeda.

He retired from competitive martial arts in 2008. Since that time he has taught Taekwon-do with his father at Tapilatu’s sport centre in his hometown of Groningen, the Netherlands.
Mr Tapilatu was appointed national coach of ITF Netherlands in November 2012.
For application forms please download below.  The spaces will fill up fast, in order not to miss out please return to Mr or Mrs McIlvaney ASAP.

The sparring seminar will take place at the Kelvin Hall on 17th May (6-8pm for Juniors, and 8-10pm for Seniors)

Click link below to watch Highlights of Mr Tapilatu in action;


Stephen Tapilatu Application Form

ITF Scottish Championships Results

ITF Scotland LogoThe 2013 Scottish Championships were held in Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, Motherwell on 7th April.  29 Students were in attendance at the event from GMAC, with 318 competitors taking part from 18 schools.

The day started at 9.30am with a welcome speech from Tournament Committee member Mr McIlvaney, who welcomed our Grand Master,  Master’s, Instructors, Competitors, Supporters as  well as guests from A.C.E. who also entered the competition.

The umpires in attendance worked hard throughout the day to ensure that the event ran smoothly and to time.  A big thank you to all who gave up their time to referee.

Once again GMAC done well in the medal table coming 4th Overall.


This year GMAC have brought in a points system, meaning all students who enter each competition will pick up a point for doing so, and each medal will will also be allocated points (3 for Gold, 2 for Silver and 1 for Bronze medals).


All results can be found below.

GMAC Competition Results 2013

ITF Scottish 2013 (Ind Results)

ITF Scottish 2013 (Schools results)


The next competition will be Scottish Open (Taekwon-Do UK) in Kelvin Hall on 18th May.

Entry forms are available here or from your instructor.

Taekwon-Do Grading Results – 23rd March 2013

ITF Brand LogoAfter our ITF Taekwon-Do grading on 23rd March, we would like to congratulate the following students on their promotions;






Promoted to 8th Kup – Susan Morrice, Natalie Pennycook & Andre El Masrour.

Promoted to 5th Kup – Angus McDonald

Promoted to 4th Kup – James Meechan

Promoted to 2nd Kup – Kieran Cain

Promoted to 1st Kup – Ethan McKenna

Little Ninja & Kickin Kids Graduation Results 23rd March.


Saturday 23rd March Graduation


Our latest Little Ninja and Kickin’ Kids Graduation took place on Saturday 23rd March in Livingston.


After the hard work from everyone on the floor we are happy to announce the following promotions;





Nifty Ninja – Jamie Dixon & Gray Nisbet

Speedy Ninja – Olivia Boyce, Jack Snodgrass & Lewis McIlvaney

Cool Ninja – Fergus MacColl

Top Ninja – Callum Neill, Ryan Hentges, Poppy Lord, Charlie Harkin & Sam Jones

Ace Ninja – Ross McGahey, Conor Linkston, Paige Anderson & Logan Anderson

Champion Ninja – Callum Durie



Quick Kicker – Eamonn Mulholland

Speed Kicker – Callum Bruce

Cool Kicker – Kyle Jamieson

Top Kicker – Fraser MacColl, Tyrone Core, Callum Gibson & Skye Russell

Ace Kicker – Harris Russell, Mackenzie Shields & Stephanie Quinn

Premier Kicker – Dominic Burns & Toby-Jack McCart


The pictures from the event will be posted on our Facebook page.

Snow closure in Livingston Tuesday 19th March

gmac logo_jpeg‎***UPDATE***

In the interests of safety and with further snow forecast this evening we have decided to close the Livingston gym this evening (Tuesday 19th March).  Due to the closure any students wishing to catch up with classes can do so tomorrow evening (timetable on website).
We apologise for any innconvienience caused.

Group text / e-mail will be sent out also, happy sledging folks!!

Updating your e-mail

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You can do this by sending us an e-mail at head office with subject as students name / newsletter request.

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We are unable to upload the newsletters to the website, but can send them out via e-mail, very few will be made available in class, as we would like to keep our printing to a minimum, helping to save the environment one tree at a time 🙂

ITF Scottish Championships

ITF Scotland LogoThe date for the ITF Scottish Championships have been set as 7th April 2013.  Venue will be same as 2012 in the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, Motherwell.

In 2012 388 competitors from 25 schools across Scotland took part in these championships, many returning home with medals and crowned Scottish Championship 2012.

This year it could be you taking home the title, get your training head on and bring those medals home.


ITF Scotland Invite 2013

Individual Entry Form Scottish 2013

Instructors Schools Top Sheet – 2013

ITF Scottish 2013 Poster


Please note the closing date for applications is 31st March.