Umpire’s Training 16th June

Sunday 16th June GMAC will be holding an Umpire’s training course in Livingston.  The course will cover the updated ITF Umpire rules for 2013 onwards, and is open to 2nd Kup and above.

Please ensure you bring a copy of the following with you;

2013 ITF Umpire Rules & Regulations – Index

2013 ITF Umpire Rules & Regulations


The course starts at 10am, please wear tracksuit and Dobok.  A pen and writing pad are also required.

Venue: GMAC Livingston, Craigshill Road, EH54 5LU.

Cost is £10.00

Please advise GMAC HQ on of your participation.



T-UK Goodwill Championships Results

IMG_4845Weekend of 17th/18th May saw two events being ran by Mr Condie and his group Taekwon-Do UK,  firstly a seminar by World Renowned Taekwon-Do competitor Stephen Tapilatu and second the 3rd Goodwill Championships both being held in the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.

On Friday evening students and instructors from GMAC attended a two hour seminar with Mr Tapilatu which covered sparring drills and techniques.  The first session for kids ran from 6pm – 8pm and worked on simple sparring exercises and kicking, the adults session ran from 8pm – 10pm and again worked on sparring exercises building up to the use of complicated kicking drills and how they are implemented in sparring competition.  Both sessions were very informative and for those who have never been on one of his seminars many new ideas were taken away, and we hope to see some of the techniques learned put into practise in the Dojang.

After the evenings seminars finishing at 10pm it was a late night for everyone, however an early rise the next morning was on the cards for the competition.  12 competitors from GMAC took part on the day.


Results as follows;

Bethan Turner;  Silver Sparring

Carson Aitchison;  Silver Pattern

Hayden McAvoy;  Silver Pattern

Jaimie Singleton;  Gold Sparring

James Hilley;  Bronze Pattern, Silver Sparring

Kieran Cain;  Silver Pattern, Gold Sparring

Megan Brown;  Silver Sparring

Skye Russell;  Silver Pattern, Silver Sparring


Photo’s can be viewed via our Facebook page


TKD Grading Results – 19th May 2013

IMG_4903Sunday 19th May saw the latest grading for our Taekwon-Do students, congratulations to the following students on their promotions;


Promoted to 9th Kup;  John Gregg.

Promoted to 7th Kup;  Jacob Ciantar.

Promoted to 6th Kup;  Dylan Ferguson, Shelby Bennett, James Hilley, Steven Miller, Luke Miller & John Callear.

Promoted to 5th Kup;  Declan McCourt, Sonnie Scade, Daniel Brown, Martin McGahey, Craig Struthers & Jaimie Singleton.

Promoted to 4th Kup;  Holly Duncan & Hayden McAvoy.

Promoted to 3rd Kup;  Lauren Watson.

Promoted to 2nd Kup;  David Ferguson & Luke Bryden.

Graduation Results – 11th May 2013

IMG_4746Congratulations to the following Little Ninja & Kickin Kids on their recent promotion’s.


Little Ninja’s

Promoted to Nifty Ninja (Yellow Belt):  Kieran Farrell, Sophie Hampson & Kinga Jaffke.

Promoted to Speedy Ninja (Orange Belt):  Christie Bell & Zara Bell.

Promoted to Cool Ninja (Green Belt):  Lewis Watson, Robbie Watson, Joshua McCart, Hayden Gilmour & Lois Lord.

Promoted to Super Ninja (Blue Belt):  Callum Houston & Aidan Collinson.

Promoted to Top Ninja (Purple Belt):  Connor Fyfe.

Promoted to Ace Ninja (Red Belt):  Isabella Anderson & Connor Hall.


Kickin Kids

Promoted to Quick Kicker (Yellow Belt):  Josh Morrison.

Promoted to Speed Kicker (Orange Belt):  Lucy Moffat.

Promoted to Cool Kicker (Green Belt):  Kane Paxton.

Promoted to Top Kicker (Purple Belt):  Erin Bell & Fraser Morrison.


Picture’s will be added soon.  The next graduation will take place in June.

Good luck to ITF Scotland Team

936926_10151696950616414_1024519911_nWe’d like to wish the ITF Scotland Team travelling to the European Championships the very best of luck this weekend.  The team depart from Edinburgh this morning, to Skovde, Sweden for the 28th Senior and 19th Junior European Championships.  This year Scotland have 24 competitors representing our country.

We will keep this new post as up to date as we can from the championships with the latest results

You can also follow the Team’s progress on their Facebook page


2013 Team Members

Junior Female     

Caitlin McGhee, Catrina McGhee & Katrina Carr.

Junior Male

Liam Bain, Greg Spark, Dylan Craig, Gordon Trinder, Stewart Mellon, Michael McRoberts, Lyle Walker, Lewis Walker, Liam King, Iain O’Hare & David Gray.

Senior Female

Julie Whyte, Rheannan Brown & Stephanie Willis.

Senior Male 

Alan Whyte, Ross Penman, Alexander Gray, Gilles Brown, Joesph Finlay, Allan McLeish & Darren Ewins.


Management & Coaches

Mr John McIlvaney, Mr Robin Blair, Mr Mark Boydell, Mr David Condie & Mr Mike Leask.


Mr David McNairn & Mr Ronnie Dewhurst.


Grand Master MacCallum – President ITF Scotland

Holiday Monday 6th May – Bellshill & Wishaw Closed

gmac logo_jpegOur Bellshill and Wishaw schools will be closed on Holiday Monday 6th May, due to the facilities closing for the day.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Classes remain open in Livingston for those wishing to come along class times are listed below;

4.30pm – 5.15pm     Little Ninja’s

5.15pm – 6.15pm     Kickin Kids

6.15pm – 7.15pm     Junior Taekwon-Do

7.15pm – 8.30pm     Senior Taekwon-Do



Sponsored Leg wax in aid of Five Sisters Zoo Fire Appeal

Mr Aaron Walker (1st Degree) and Mr Martin Clarke (8th Kup) both of GMAC Martial Arts Livingston has volunteered for a sponsored Leg-waxing in aid of the Five Sister’s Zoo Fire Appeal.

All at GMAC wish to support Aaron & Martin in their efforts to raise funds for this much loved local Zoo.  Please help them reach their fundraising goal and pledge what you can.

The sponsored Leg Wax will take place on Wednesday 24th April @ GMAC Martial Arts, Livingston.  Minimum donation for those at class who wish to help pull the wax strips off and watch them squirm!

Martin ClarkeIMG_1804