North East Challenge Cup 2018

The North East Challenge Cup (NECC) will take place on Saturday 16th June in Aberdeen.

Please find below quick details and full invite.

Dear Grandmasters, Masters and Instructors,

2018 – North East Challenge Cup

It is with great pleasure that you and your students are invited to the 2018 North East Challenge Cup on Saturday 16th June 2018 at the Aberdeen Sports Village, Linksfield Rd, Aberdeen AB24 5RU, 01224 438900.
Tournament will start at 09:00 with opening address and awarding of junior participation medals.

This competition is open to Taekwon-Do students only. There will be four individual and one team event contested, Patterns, Sparring Special Technique, Power Test and Pre-Arranged Free Sparring.

This championship is open to all student’s white belt and above and will be split into six age groups Pre-Junior Tot up to 7yrs & 8 -11yrs, Junior 12 -14 yrs; Teens 15-17; Senior 18-39yrs and Advanced Senior 40yrs and over.

The competition will be run as per ITF rules but with some small amendments to accommodate age and competitor level.

We will endeavour to separate competitors from the same school competing against each other in initial rounds, thus improving the experience of all students. Pre-Juniors (up to 11 years) and Juniors (12-14yrs) will be divided initially by age, then grade and height.

Teens 15-17 and all Seniors will be categorised initially by age, then grade and weight. It may be the case that we have to merge categories due to the number of competitors.

TheSportdataOnlineSystemwillallowallinstructorstoviewthecategoriesastheypopulate. Alistofcategories for the event has been enclosed as part of the Invitation.

Please ensure, for the safety of the sparring competitors, that weights are checked and personally verified by the responsible instructor before forwarding them for processing. Please note that by sending through your entry form your agreeing to the tournaments conditions.

Entry forms should be part of this invitation so if they are not present please let me know by email and I will forward them on. Please complete all entries by Wednesday 6th June

(Please check all details before sending to ensure that registration runs as smooth as possible). Any changes on the day for incorrect entries will incur a £5 amendment fee

We look forward to your entries and to another great tournament,

Yours in TKD and on behalf of NTA

Master Gordon Wallace VIII

Tournament Director

affiliated to the TKD-SL


2018 NECC Challenge – Individual Entry