New Stripes!!

Congratulations to both Mr. Chris Dickson and Mrs. Kerris Dickson who successfully promoted to 4th Degree (Sabum) on Saturday 21st April, at the Senior Degree Grading held by ITF Scotland in Montrose.

The grading was held over two days, where the candidates were put through a rigorous exam process both practical and theoretical, this also involved a number of pre-grading sessions over previous weekends, as well as their official pre-test last September.

As well as congratulating both Mr & Mrs Dickson, we’d also like to congratulate Mr. David Lupton who promoted alongside them to 6th Degree, and thank the grading panel of Grand Master MacCallum IX Degree, Master David McNairn VII Degree, Master Jamie Campins VII Degree and Master Robin Blair VII Degree.

After Black Belt promotion, the next biggest step as a black belt we all hope to achieve is 4th degree, Sabum, or earning our stripes as we say in Taekwon-Do.  Chris and Kerris certainly earned theirs, and we are extremely proud of their efforts.  Once again congratulations from all at GMAC!