Grading Results February 2018

We held our first grading’s of 2018, on Saturday the 10th February, with graduations for our Little Ninja and Kickin’ Kids, and then on to a grading for our Taekwon-Do students.

We’d like to congratulate the following students on their promotions:


Promoted to Nifty Ninja (Yellow):  Kalirose Templeton, Michael Hill and Jackson McDonald.

Promoted to Speedy Ninja (Orange): Daniel McCafferty, Ayden Beyden and Jude Scott.

Promoted to Cool Ninja (Green):  Kianna Sprott

Promoted to Super Ninja (Blue):  Max Watson, Holly Rees Nicol and Caleb Lynch.

Promoted to Top Ninja (Purple):  Danyal Haq and Daniel Piekarski

Promoted to Ace Ninja (Red): Jake Sher

Promoted to Champion Ninja (Blue):  Jonathan Maciver


Promoted to Quick Kicker (Yellow): Jaxson Drysdale

Promoted to Cool Kicker (Green):  Zara Campbell

Promoted to Super Kicker (Blue):  Finn Cooper and Eve Cooper

Promoted to Ace Kicker (Brown):  Gemma Gordon and Nickolas Brown

Promoted to Premier Kicker (Red):  Connor McCullagh



Promoted to 9th Kup:  Hope Currie and Erin Burns

Promoted to 8th Kup:  Courtney Murphy


Congratulations to you all!