Goodwill Gold

Our Taekwon-Do students took part in the Goodwill Championships on Saturday 19th May at Wishaw Sports Centre.

The day was split for different age groups, and grades, which meant that the day was quick for all the competitors.  This was a momentous day also, as it was the first time that there was a division for those students with assisted and special needs.  As a school we were very proud and privileged to be a part of this historic event with 6 of our students taking part.  On completion of this particular division, there was an ecstatic round of applause from everyone in the hall, and rightly so.  They were all absolutely fantastic!

We must thank our students who took up coaching for the day on completion of their respective divisions, and to Scott Crookston for coming through to support our ASN students, alongside Miss Fargnoli.  Thanks also to Mr Munro snr, and Miss Watson for umpiring all day too.

A final thank you to Mr Condie and his team for their invite, and another welcoming tournament.


Our results as follows:


Kieran Cain (Pattern), Kyle Lynch (Pattern), Jakub Krug (Pattern), Ethan Massey (Pattern), Donatella Fargnoli (Pattern), Nathan Farrell (Pattern & Sparring), Allan Farrell (Pattern & Sparring), Sophie Hunter (Pattern), Junaid Abbas (Pattern), Jay Jervis (Pattern), Jason Munro (Pattern & Power), Lauren Watson (Sparring),  Kieran Farrell (Sparring & Special Technique), Finn Cooper (Sparring), Ashton McCarthy (Sparring), Gemma Gordon (Sparring & Special Technique), Shaun Murphy (Sparring), Harris Harvie (Special Technique), Eve Cooper (Special Technique) and Jaimie Singleton (Power).

Jason Seath (Pattern), Thomas Reape (Pattern), Amy Corner (Pattern), Bradley McKenzie (Pattern), Mary Seath (Pattern) and Karen Smith (Pattern).


Kaity Weir (Pattern & Sparring), Harris Harvie (Pattern), Eve Cooper (Pattern), Finn Cooper (Pattern), Shaun Murphy (Pattern), Adam Weir (Sparring), Jaimie Singleton (Sparring & Special Technique), Kyle Lynch (Sparring), Junaid Abbas (Sparring), Jay Jervis (Sparring), Calum Mann (Sparring), Jakub Krug (Special Technique), Donatella Fargnoli (Special Technique), Nathan Farrell (Special Technique), Sophie Hunter (Special Technique) and Kieran Cain (Power).


Ellie Weir (Pattern), Kieran Farrell (Pattern), Cameron Sanders (Pattern & Special Technique), Jakub Krug (Sparring), Donatella Fargnoli (Sparring), Jason Munro (Sparring), Ethan Massey (Special Technique) and Pauline Penrice (Power).