Black Belt Grading Results September 2018

Saturday the 1st September saw our end of year Black Belt Grading held at our Livingston Gym, under the examination panel of Grand Master Tom MaCallum IX Degree, Mr. John McIlvaney VI Degree, Mrs. Gillian McIlvaney V Degree, Mr. John Munro IV Degree, Mr. Christopher Dickson IV Degree and Mrs. Kerris Dickson IV Degree.  Also special guest Mr. Andrew Chesworth VI Degree.  The exam was facilitated by Mr. Jason Munro III Degree.

The candidates were put through their paces over the course of the exam, lasting three hours.

The examination board and instructors would like to congratulate the following candidates on their successful promotions;

Mr. Dominic Burns – 1st Degree (Wishaw)

Mr. Declan McAvoy – 1st Degree (Wishaw)

Miss Jaimie Singleton – 1st Degree (Wishaw)

Mr. Kieran Cain – 2nd Degree (Wishaw)

Mr. Iain O’Hare – 3rd Degree (Braveheart)